The Cranium Crate - A Skull-Themed Subscription Box

Skullular delight for only $25 a month

A carefully curated box containing selected skull merchandise tied to a unifying theme


Skully items for the best numb skulls around

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Skull-themed items from around the world

We will be featuring items from world wide sources. From major manufacturers to small artisan makers and crafters. Don't be surprised to find unique, one-of-a-kind items from time to time. 

Patches, pins, mugs, stickers, and other small items will be frequent items as well. We want to stick to a topic each month, but we also want to keep things varied as to the quantity and size. Expect four to six items each month with a combined retail value in excess of the monthly box price.

We will also soon be featuring a blog with skulls in the news and feature products that we like and are available elsewhere. We're skull fans, just like you!

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