Drinking from the skulls of your enemies. – The Cranium Crate

Drinking from the skulls of your enemies.

Here at The Cranium Crate, we love our morning cup of Joe. It's the only way to start the day. I supposed that's why our first crate is tied to a coffee topic.

But, the vessel is just as important. I have a personal preference for any of my Death Wish Coffee mugs and steins. Harvester of souls being my favorite.

I really love the diner mug from Raven's Brew Coffee we're featuring this month. The Dead Man's Reach blend is really a delicious cup of coffee. It's one of my afternoon coffee choices, actually.

Did you know that there is a terrific #skullmug hashtag showing the coolest skullular coffee mugs around? You can use it on both Instagram and Facebook.

Some of our favorites include mugs by Nicole Pangas, Tony Young, Ben Gaboury, Cera Post, and of course, Turkey Merck.

But, it's entirely possible to find nice mugs retail. Halloween is when they come out of the woodwork, but we're living in the future here. You can find really great mugs on Amazon like these beauties, or even our prize mug that we're giving away to one lucky subscriber, Dead Thirsty.

Mugs up, you lovable Numb Skulls!