The Cranium Crate begins

The Cranium Crate begins

Well, we've been working at this for a little while. We're still working some of the kinks out, but we like our place around here and hope you do, too.

In the coming weeks we'll be announcing our next month's theme. This first month is, of course, coffee. We're featuring a delicious coffee from a roaster in the US Pacific Northwest, Ravens Brew Coffee. With each crate ordered by January 15th, you'll receive a nicely-sized 3 oz sample of their Dead Man's Reach blend to get your motor going in the morning. You'll also receive one of their really nice Dead Man's Reach diner mugs emblazoned with this tasty blend's logo.

You'll find skull-shaped sugar cubes from Wicked Tea Party on Etsy, a Hello Darkness sticker from The Sticker Squad also on Etsy, a really nice couple of skull sugar spoons that look like skulls when full of white sugar, and sugar skull coasters to keep your tables nice and you mother happy. 

So, numb skulls, that's pretty much how it will go from month to month around here. Sign up by the 15th, and you should be getting your items by the third week of the following month. 

This blog won't just be about us, by the way. We'll be featuring skull-related news like the Sugar Skulls football team, maybe we'll get another skull-shaped meteor to fly by the Earth again, and we'll link to items you get from around the web. Links to sites like that may be affiliate links and we'd make a little something off the purchase, but we promise to only recommend what we really love.
Keep knocking your heads together, numb skulls!